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Mermaid Rapunzel for @sketch_dailies on twitter

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September 23 + 10656


Almond Branches In Bloom, San Remy | Vincent Van Gogh

September 20 + 6692


I’m gentle with everything but myself

September 18 + 297


Sketching in the Japanese countryside

September is the typhoon season in Japan and, even if the weather is still fine here in Niigata, it’s quite unsettled: a blue sky can turn into a heavy rain so the least we can do is to bring our umbrellas everywhere we go.
The sketch above was done at the exact limit where the city stops and where the rice paddies begin.
Golden fields of rice stretch to the horizon and their smell is marvellous: Niigata is famous for producing the best rice in all Japan.

September 17 + 522


A deer that catches stars in its antlers

September 16 + 48345


influencia Hors serie

September 16 + 4230


Morning Sky

was inspired by morning skies.. not that i know anything of sunrises *guilty pleasures*

September 15 + 49736